The fleet industry has undergone drastic changes since the COVID-19 pandemic began, causing vehicles and products to become scarce and employees difficult to find. In order to overcome these challenges, fleet managers should first perform an audit of their operations to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In addition to developing an auditing process, fleet managers should keep their eyes and ears open and ask questions about anything that does not make sense. To prevent negative effects of industry disruption, fleets should choose service providers with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. While no one is totally immune from the negative effects of industry disruption, sticking with proven providers and not keeping all of one’s eggs in one basket are good strategies to combat fleet disruption. Fleet managers should also seek out partners with established supply chains and ready access to the products and solutions that fleets need to run successful operations. Since industry disruption has been the number one problem facing many fleets, many fleet managers are hesitant to try new providers. So – what’s a smart fleet to do about it? Find out in our latest Fleet Industry Executive Brief: 5 Ways to Minimize the Effects of Fleet Industry Disruption.