FLD’s Bi-weekly Fleet Poll Results

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Which of the following issues is affecting your fleet most?

Which of the following trade shows do you think is most important to fleet?
Of these shows, which will you be attending this year? (check all that apply)

From what you are seeing and experiencing, are vehicle shortages:
In your opinion, by the time the year ends will there be:

Do you think the country is in a recession or will experience one in 2023?
If there is a recession this year, do you expect it to be:

How difficult was it for your company or fleet to find and hire quality employees in 2022?
Was your hiring situation in 2022?

How much will gas cost at the end of Q2 2023?
Are gas prices causing you to make changes to your 2023 budget?

What percentage of your fleet will be EV's in 2025?
How big is your fleet?

When are your suppliers telling you that supply chain woes will ease?

In your opinion, are supply chain issues:

What could fleet benefit the most from?

Which segment of fleet will change more because of EV’s and electrification?

Have you had an industry partner or service provider get purchased or go out of business in the last 12 months?

Which of the following will be a bigger challenge for fleet in 2023?

What percentage of fleet vehicles will be all electric by 2030?

How Long Have You Been Involved with the Fleet Industry?

Of the following industry trade shows, which have you attended in the past 5 years? (please list all)

What is your opinion of using electric vehicles in commercial fleet?

Have you attended an industry event since Covid appeared?

What’s the biggest challenge facing fleet right now?

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is hovering around $4.30. Where do you think it will end the year?