FLD has released its Year Behind/Ahead preview in its quarterly White Metal Market Report. The report looks back at 2022 and highlights how FLD’s predictions about the year’s trends, opportunities, and roadblocks turned out. FLD then offers predictions on what the fleet industry can expect in 2023. FLD predicts that 2023 will be a more favorable year than 2022, although the industry will continue to face challenges such as limited vehicle availability, base model pickups and van pricing falling off, supply chain woes, and inflation. However, there will be a more favorable trajectory as the economy improves, barring any prolonged recession. The report suggests that the proliferation of electric vehicles will drive innovation across the industry as they become more sophisticated and charging becomes more available. The growth of electric vehicles will create newfound excitement across the industry as everyone jockeys for their piece of the electric vehicle pie. FLD also warns that easy access to inexpensive financing will dry up and fleets should start stockpiling cash to prepare for this. Click the link below to read more.