This year’s AFLA conference in Tucson was a watershed event for the organization with an over 40% increase in attendance from 2021. As always, the FLD team was there in force, as was or roving observer FLD “Frank” who gives you his take on this year’s event.


2022 AFLA Conference October 10-13

The AFLA Conference hit Tucson last week and FLD Frank was there with the rest of our team to glean important insights for our customers, partners and friends who were not able to attend.


  • This year’s event saw a more than 40% increase in attendance over 2021 with close to 500 participants, a clear sign that pandemic restrictions are far behind fleet
  • Event buzz was strong, with more than 100 first time attendees and a few “disruptors” finding their way on to the scene for the first time in years
  • Conversations and concerns revolved around a basket of five issues affecting virtually every entity – albeit in different ways – across the fleet space. These include:
  • Vehicle availability
  • EV integration
  • Supply issues and shortages
  • Gas prices and Inflation
  • Industry upheaval
  • Disruption and consolidation have left fleet managers confused, and in some cases, dismayed, with several fleet managers reporting problems and miscommunication with longtime partners going through consolidation or sales
  • EV’s and electrification continue to dominate the conversation. And while no one has a definitive idea of where this phenomenon is headed, it’s obvious that OEM’s are all in and the rest of the industry is following – in some cases begrudgingly – behind.
  • On a personal note, I must confess that my appearance on the show floor caused quite a stir as I strode across the show floor and beckoned attendees to try their hand on the putting green located in our booth.

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At FLD, we know our clients, partners and friends can’t attend every trade show or fleet event, so we like to keep them in the know by sharing insights and perspective gleaned by our expert staff, and our roving observer — “Frank” — who’s always got his ear to the ground and his eyes focused on what’s coming next!