TeamFLD attended one of fleet’s biggest events of the year, and of course our colleague FLD Frank was there to glean all the news and insights to share with our clients, partners and friends in fleet!

FLD FRANK at the NAFA 2023!

  • This year’s affair was sparsely attended with what seemed like lower numbers from last year, and a far cry from a decade ago when NAFA dominated the fleet conference landscape.
  • As they have at industry events for the past year, EV’s took front and center throughout the conference, with several sessions – and most exhibitors – finally willing to address the pitfalls that come with EV adoption.
  • Surprisingly, OEM’s made a small splash at this year’s show, with Ford – who had a huge NTEA presence – absent from the show floor.
  • That said, many attendees said the quality – if not the quantity – of their interactions was solid, and that this year’s show was more productive for them than last year.
  • Having difficulty rebounding from Covid, NAFA will consolidate all local chapters in to 8 regional affiliations (but will members actually travel further now to attend them?)
  • Despite telling attendees it would start a separate category honoring the top commercial fleets, NAFA stuck with recognizing its customary top 100 fleets, the vast majority of them government entities
  • Reversing course from a decision to hold them online, CAFM classes were held on site (but all testing will be done online.)

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At FLD, we know our clients, partners and friends can’t attend every trade show or fleet event, so we like to keep them in the know by sharing insights and perspective gleaned by our expert staff, and our roving observer — “Frank” — who’s always got his ear to the ground and his eyes focused on what’s coming next!