With the 2022 Work Truck Show returning after an off year, we sent our intrepid observer FLD “Frank” to give our customers, partners and friends the scoop on this year’s show.


The 2022 Work Truck Show returned last week, and our intrepid observer “Frank” has some thoughtful insights for those who couldn’t attend:

  • While attendance was down 7% from 2020 with 12,696 registered, this year’s show was a charged affair with attendees eager and anxious to re-connect with colleagues after last year’s virtual show. The Green Truck Summit held the day before had a 56% increase in attendees.
  • Though many nagging questions loom around range, charging infrastructure and ROI, EV’s dominated the show floor and captured everyone’s undivided attention.
  • While EV excitement was high, specifics were few, hearkening to the early days of telematics when it was hard to identify eventual winners, losers and those who were just smoke & mirrors.
  • Supply chain delays and shortages — including chips — are still very real, with attendees reporting difficulty finding items, and few receiving more than a third of the vehicles they want.
  • Maintenance was a hot topic as fleets look for inventive ways to extend vehicle longevity given shortages, delays and an inability to purchase new units.

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At FLD, we know our clients, partners and friends can’t attend every trade show or fleet event, so we like to keep them in the know by sharing insights and perspective gleaned by our expert staff, and our roving observer — “Frank” — who’s always got his ear to the ground and his eyes focused on what’s coming next!