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We've got some pretty amazing team members here at FLD, and we want you to get to know all of them - like Director of Business Development Richard Mallek!

Biden set to travel to Michigan to visit picket line on Tuesday.

Less than 2% of commercial fleet vehicles across Europe are electric

Strikes, inflation, rising gas prices - with so much fleet disruption it might be a good idea to get a better handle on your vehicle mix by giving us a call for a free 5-minute assessment that could end up saving your fleet a lot of money!

Fossil fuel ban date delay will “change little” for fleets

Dealers fear Cash for Clunkers scenario as EV credit transfer nears

As the UAW gets ready to enter protracted strikes, probably a good idea to take a look at where the Big 3 auto makers stand on top issues as the whole situation appears to be worsening.

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Where key issues stand as UAW closes in on extended strikes against GM, Ford and Stellantis

The UAW and General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellantis are all holding their ground on demands, and it appears li...

[Freight Forecast September Update] - Freight markets remain soft amid private fleet expansion.

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This month's video report offers insights on wholesale values, used vehicle inventory, sales and prices, and addressed the potential UAW strike impact on the used-vehicle market.

On a volume-weighted basis, the overall Car segment decreased -0.59%, while the volume-weighted, overall Truck segment decreased -0.79%. Weekly Market Insights here:

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With the Fed holding steady on interest rates, our Chief Economist @SmokeonCars notes, "We are entering a new chapter in this monetary tightening cycle." Read his latest here:

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