Leave the Risk Taking to Us

At FLD, mitigating remarketing risk is not just our mission, it’s the only thing we’ve ever done.

Why? Vehicle and equipment remarketing is fraught with risks. In most cases, sellers are forced to consign their assets, hope that they sell, and then wait weeks or months to get paid.

At FLD, we have a different philosophy about remarketing. Instead of marching you through a long and drawn out process, we completely eliminate your risks by paying you up front for the full price you agree to sell for, and that’s it - you’re done.

No sending your assets to auction. No wondering what they’ll sell for. And no waiting to get paid. Just one quick transaction that usually takes less than a week, and you’re free to move on to more important aspects of running your fleet.

We even developed an arsenal of technologically advanced tools that make your remarketing experience as seamless and easy as possible, including WebAccess, an app that lets fleet professionals handle all aspects of the remarketing process from their smartphone, tablet or computer. And tools like our OnceOver Pro, a proprietary app that lets anyone quickly and easily detail a vehicle’s condition in less than 5 minutes. Or Fleet Guru and GuruDrive, which manage myriad details including title and registration, fuel maintenance and condition reports.

How simple is that?

And because this isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve perfected a suite of services to handle all of the little things that can make the remarketing process even more unpredictable and maddening, including: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and all provinces and territories of Canada.

Title Registration

Expertise that cuts through the clutter

Securing the right title and registration for any vehicle can be tricky. Depending on what part of the country you’re in, laws vary from not just state to state, but county to county. At FLD, our team of title experts saves you valuable time, money and resources by cutting through the clutter to keep your vehicles on the road and compliant, including:

• Duplicate Titles, Title Branding
• Bonded Titles & Title Acquisition
• Driver Access to Printable Insurance Cards & Titles
• Direct to Driver Plates & Registration
• Licensed & Registered in All 50 states

Vehicle De-Identification

Protecting the Integrity of Your Brand

FLD’s ensures the integrity of your brand with de-identification services that removes any trace of your identity before remarketing. We coordinate the removal of all brands, document it, and send you the results so you can be confident the job has been done quickly, correctly and completely.

Transportation Assistance

Safe. Secure. On time when it matters most

Coordinating the movement of vehicles and/or equipment from one job site to another can be both challenging and time-consuming. We work with a national network of transportation and logistics companies to get the best deal for you. Every detail matters to ensure the safe transfer from one location to another efficiently.

Aftermarket Equipment Removal

Get extra mileage out of after makret equipment

Don’t leave potential profits and perfectly good equipment on the table when FLD is your remarketing partner. We’ll remove aftermarket equipment - and even re-install it on your new vehicles or existing fleet- so you can get the most value out of your investment.

Employee Sales Program

Extend your after market equipment’s life

A turn-key, plug and play program that ads employee value. Buyers can purchase a fleet vehicle they have driven in their role, or fellow employees can purchase it for a fraction of its retail price knowing their employer has taken optimum care to service and maintain the vehicle. A great way to balance the need to minimize total cost of ownership while maximizing the employee experience.