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Action Assets

FLD’s ActionAssets.com, our proprietary online auction, offers asset managers a guaranteed reserve of all titled vehicle assets and on-road equipment so you can get your assets off your hands quickly and easily. The FLD guarantee means that you can sell with confidence the first time without having to relist the offering. If it does not sell, we pay you the guaranteed price.

ActionAssets.com’s online remarketing tools keep you involved in every aspect of the sales process. We make it easy to consign units for sale, view bids during sale and manage pricing. Post-sale reports are always at your fingertips, and we are constantly growing and streamlining our Web tools to allow you to do even more. ActionAssets.com also specializes in “Making Markets” by matching buyer preference by asset type and condition. Targeting your local buyers and then adding state, national and international buyers to the mix helps bring you the ROI that you expect.

How do your remarketing numbers add up? Click here to access our real-time market data calculator and find out in seconds just how much you can save


Fleet Guru

Fleet Guru contains multiple multivendor management platforms that compile specific cost centers within your entire fleet — in real time. Fleet Guru uses data from external sources, allowing for paperless tracking wherever and whenever you need it. This program facilitates in inventory roundup, streamlining your mergers and acquisitions.



With OnceOVR™, an electronic condition-reporting app for your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to know what your vehicles out in the field are worth within 24 hours by snapping a few photos and filling out a condition report.


Web Access

Through WebAccess™, a state-of-the-art online remarketing suite, you will have one single point of contact no matter what venue your assets are being remarketed through. This program includes inventory tracking, sales, history, title information, condition reports, photos, market evaluations and detailed reporting.


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