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For 40 years, FLD has made the process of vehicle disposal straightforward.

FLD leads the nation in providing remarketing services for businesses with commercial vehicle fleets consisting of autos, trucks and industrial equipment. For 40 years, FLD has served corporations both large and small; FLD purchases end-of-term fleet vehicles directly from these entities to make the process of vehicle disposal straightforward. FLD's software and mobile apps accelerate the remarketing cycle and broaden the visibility of commercial fleet condition and usage. FLD is all about details, providing the information crucial to informative decisions when it comes time to dispose of these assets, yielding the most exceptional value and service.

From pickup to sales documentation, FLD saves time and money by shortening the remarketing cycle by days, weeks or even months. FLD purchases vehicles and equipment in any condition, including those wrecked or inoperable.

With FLD, you'll never have to wait to receive your funds. You will receive payment immediately; FLD's strong financial position allows us to purchase fleets of any size.


FLD, founded in 1979, has been purchasing end-of-term vehicles and equipment for decades. FLD, always at the forefront of innovation and technology, created the industry's first Electronic Condition Report and web portal for fleet managers.

In 2000, FLD launched the industry's first fully Web-based vehicle grounding site. FLD was the first to create many revolutionary technologies for the industry, including the first online consumer vehicle trade-in program called Intelliprice and OnceOVR™, along with the first smartphone eCR app to provide actual FMV pricing to commercial fleet customers.

In 2016, we released OnceOVR Pro™ featuring Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, enabling scanning of VIN barcodes and allowing fleet managers to instantly capture critical data points of their fleet vehicles.

Throughout our history, FLD has remained on the cutting edge. FLD's investment and development of software and mobile apps are genuinely unique solutions for myriad institutions.

Today, FLD provides remarketing services for the 48 contiguous United States, along with Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and all provinces and territories of Canada.

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