FLD Rep It - Auction Representative

Rep It – Auction Representative

Maximize return on your end-of-life assets with centralized outsourced remarketing partner.

With FLD’s Rep It, you will gain access to FLD’s sophisticated suite of data-mining tools and techniques to help you maximize the return on your end-of-term assets. The Rep It program allows you to remarket your asset through a variety of resale channels including independent, local, national or international – all through a single point of contact.

National contracts held by FLD reduce your costs to bring an asset to market, from transportation to sales fees. We facilitate the whole process, which means no additional staffing or burden on your existing technology structure. Our knowledge of the used-vehicle and equipment markets, fleet auctions, along with years of remarketing experience, will help turn your collateral into cash quickly and cost-effectively. FLD provides a centralized outsourced solution to manage the entire remarketing process for all of your end-of-term assets.

FLD’s proprietary WebAccess™ online management portal enables you to maximize efficiencies with 24/7 access to your inventory and reporting, allowing you to monitor your Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements for the process. Through the WebAccess™ program, you will have one single point of contact no matter what venue your assets are being remarketed through.


  1. Assign the vehicle to FLD
  2. FLD evaluates and sets FMV
  3. FLD sells asset
  4. Funding

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