OnceOVR Pro™ – Smartphone App

Know what your vehicles are worth…instantly.

OnceOVR (Online Vehicle Remarketing) Pro™ is an electronic condition-reporting app for your smartphone or tablet. This free iPhone and Android-compatible app allows you to instantly capture critical data value points in the field – nationwide – thereby enabling you to gather more accurate, legible and timely information about an asset’s real-time condition.

With OnceOVR Pro™, you’ll be able to know what your vehicles out in the field are worth…instantly, allowing you to make smarter remarketing decisions about your fleet and ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.

With OnceOVR Pro™, you can:

  • Receive fair-market-value assessments on your vehicles at any point in time
  • Determine if vehicles should be redeployed
  • Monitor how well your drivers are maintaining their vehicles
  • Obtain INSTANT pre- and post-trip inspection reports when transporting vehicles
  • Track the marketing and branding of your vehicles, thus ensuring consistency across the fleet

Incorporate OnceOVR Pro™ into your fleet management strategy. Get your free download below.

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  • Free app places no demand on existing IT structure or personnel resources
  • User-friendly app eliminates errors and inefficiencies
  • Eliminates need for third party inspections
  • More accurate and timely information
  • Data uploaded immediately to WebAccess™ portal

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