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Fleet vehicle management has never been this comprehensive.

Created for fleet managers, Fleet Guru gives you instant access to vital fleet data.

Whether you’re managing one vehicle or thousands, Fleet Guru contains multiple multivendor management platforms that compile specific cost centers within your entire fleet — in real time. Fleet Guru uses data from external sources, allowing for paperless tracking wherever and whenever you need it.

Fleet Guru, in conjunction with FLD’s OnceOvr™ app, facilitates in inventory roundup
— streamlining your mergers and acquisitions. View all fleet information from one user-friendly screen —smartphone, tablet or computer — with Fleet Guru.


Access vehicle data points: Year, Make, Model, VIN and Notes

Sort fueling information by categories such as: total fleet, location and asset

View vehicles’ CO2 emissions as well as carbon footprint per metric ton

Track fuel data including
• the time and locations the fleet vehicle has been fueled
• the grade of fuel consumption by octane level
• the consumption amount
• the ratio of miles per gallon

Manage Title & Registration processes including
• Information
• Imaging
• Renewal

Access the contact driver database, which can record and store information to facilitate
in the changing of operating locations as well as assigning drivers to specific units


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